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Tanzania Mentors Action works across the country to advance To have a society that is healthy and capable of contributing fully to the development of individuals, communities, and the nation at large.

Together with the elderly, children, our supporters, and partners, we seek to create a just world.

We provide employment opportunities in all five of our thematic areas. With a branch office in the Msasani Peninsula, our headquarters are located in the Dodoma region.

Will you join us?



By joining the TMA network, you can stay in touch. Give us a little information about yourself in the our official email , and we’ll send you updates on opportunities that fit your interests.


You’ll be a member of a national team at TMA that is committed to cooperating in the spirit of respect as you work toward a common objective. A career with us provides our members and staff with a variety of engaging and rewarding experiences in roles with competitive rewards and benefits to our members and staffs .

Regardless matter your area of expertise, TMA will provide you the chance to use your special talents for a more significant cause.


  • Mentorship/Creative
  • Advocacy/Government Relations
  • Facilities Operations
  • Finance
  • Fundraising/Resource mobilization
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Communications

What is it like to work with Tanzania Mentors Action.

Your enthusiasm and abilities are put to use when you work with TMA to address the most pressing issues in the modern world.

TMA offers equal opportunity employment, including internship programs, to encourage a wider and better practical job knowledge for everyone, regardless of age, color, or religion.

Our employees from all throughout the nation exchange stories about working with TMA.

Through Tanzania Mentors Action, you can advance your leadership skills, advance inclusivity, build your moral character, and further your personal and professional development ~Speedyfinances Mentor Rhoda Kasonka

TMA collaborates with people, local communities, and international organizations to fulfill its objective. Together, we address urgent global concerns with creative and affordable solutions ~ Boniphace .M. Elly   Finance Mentor. Learn more about the types of organizations that works with TMA on our partners page and discover how you can work with us.

I’m thrilled to handle one of TMA’s subject areas, cooperatives, because I believe that they may assist young people in finding employment and gaining experience in the workforce. They may present chances for both professional and vocational training. Finding adequate employment prospects for young people is becoming more and more challenging around the world. By creating jobs or other employment opportunities, cooperatives provide sustained, high-quality economic growth.  – Leah Daudi Mbilinyi-Cooperative Mentor