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WAJIBIKA project

About Wajibika Project

TMA mentors implemented successfully Wajibika project which was an initiative led by Abt Associates and financed by USAID with a goal of improving programmatic and fiscal accountabilities to Local Government Authorities for four years from 2009 to 2003.  In this project, TMA mentors provided professional mentoring support which resulted in major improvements in communities in 29 Local Government Authorities. The main focus of Wajibika, which means “be accountable” in Kiswahili, assists the  LGAs s with their planning, financial management, procurement, and audit practices  which resulted in the provision services which includes water and sanitation, health and education.  The project provided capacity to TMA Mentors over the life of the period.

Major Achievements

Activities performed

Total #  of beneficiaries


Geographical coverage



Mentoring 29LGAs on programmatic and fiscal accountability



  • 156  LGAs staff trained on IPSAS
  • 29 LGAs staff supported and developed Council  Strategic plans
  • 290  Health  Facility Governing Committees revitalized

All districts (29) in 4 target Mainland Tanzania regions:

Iringa, Pwani , Morogoro and Dodoma