Naomi Paulo Nassary

General Manager-TMA Associates & National Program Cordinator SpeedyFinances

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Mrs. Naomi Paulo is a mother of three wonderful children, a wife and an enthusiastic woman. She earned Certificate in Teaching during the year 2005, taught various Schools in Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions. Earned her Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences from University of Dodoma in 2011. After graduation Mrs. Naomi worked with various organization and Institutions to mention a few Environmental Reliance Consultant Organization (ERC) as an Administrator, Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) as Academic Administrative Officer. She was awarded Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Mount Meru University in the year 2016.

Mrs. Naomi Paulo also Mentors young ladies to become self-independent, entrepreneurs and eventually became an inspirational to most young ladies who follows her example up to date and currently those young girls are becoming self-employed, business women who also continue to make impact in the society.

In 2019 Mrs. Naomi managed to join Tanzania Mentors Action (TMA) as Marketing and Customer Relations Officer for TMA and all its Affiliated Companies. During this time, she applied her influential skills knowledge and vast experience to Market TMA with its affiliated companies across the Country moreover she marketed very well Speedy Finances solutions a web system designed to manage Cooperatives across Tanzania ensure that Speedy Finance is Registered and given the permit to operate across the Country. As a National Program Coordinator for Speedy Finances, she is in charge for supervising programmer’s, Speedy Finance Mentors and all in charge of Speedy finance solutions making sure the system stays updated and user friendly.  In 2021 September Mrs. Naomi Paulo was appointed as General Manager for TMA Associates Ltd a profit-making affiliated company for TMA. She has also contributed significantly in the designing structuring and the implementation of the company`s strategy to ensure that there is increase profit margin so as the company can prosper, the vision of the company is to create coherence in tomorrow’s sustainable societies.

Mrs. Naomi loves spending time with her children and family, also enjoys listening to music and travelling. She wishes to see a society that is equal where women, children and young girls are fully empowered healthy and capable of contributing fully to the development of individuals community and the nation at large

Naomi Paulo Nasary

General Manager - TMA Associates