Our Partnerships

We work to create an impact in society. We partner with individuals and organizations. Our partners are
  1. National and local governments
  2. Multilateral and local development partners
  3. Local networks, civil society organizations
  4. Private sector organizations.
We believe that partnership is the key to development. We join forces with other partners to explore existing opportunities combine expertise, and ideas, and create solutions that accelerate change. This includes collaborating on policy design, system strengthening, initiatives, and building strong coalitions and inclusive movements that hold that changes and create impact in the systems. Our impact is felt across the country, with a focus on innovation and technology through the Mentorship approach. We learn from our partners to understand where and how to make changes. Our role is to support our partners to work on solving challenges, not to solve ourselves. For more To explore opportunities and work in partnership with TMA, please contact us at info@tma.or.tz  

List of partners

AMREF, PACT Tanzania, fhi 360, UN, UNICEF, Option-Tanzania, World Bank, Non State Actors, FSPN-Africa, Jakaya Kikwete Foundation, NANGODE, MKUTA, Doyodo, Alkanet, Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), International Labor Organization (ILO), International Finance Corporation, Women in Business, Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania, Association of Health Secretaries Tanzania, Tanzania Public Health Association, Sisi Tanzania and Mzalendo Global Fund, TIGO, Standard Chartered, TPB Bank, UTT, NMB Foundation, Cellular Net, Madirisha Tanzania, Tanzania Land Tenure Assistance (LTI), TFC, Medical Council of Tanganyika, COASCO. The partnership are in various stages. Some have signed MOU, like Option Tanzania, and FSPN-Africa