The launch of the National Strategy for NGOs Sustainability (NSNS) 2022-2026

Hon. Kassim Majaliwa Majaliwa - Prime Minister of Tanzania

The Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Kassim Majaliwa, The Minister of Social Development, Gender, Women, and Special Groups, Dr. Dorothy Gwajima, and other dignitaries attended the NGOs Forums on the 3rd and 4th of October at the Jakaya Kikwete Convention Centre in Dodoma Region with the theme Non-Governmental Organization sustainability: stakeholders responsibility. The annual NGOs forums were attended by government representatives, members of parliament, the executive director of CSOs in Tanzania, public and private institutions, citizens and a large number of young people.

Hon. Kassim Majaliwa in his speech urged for the NGOs to relocate their offices to Dodoma during his speech as the Guest of Honour, among other things. He stated that he would be pleased if one day he saw NGOs build and own headquarters in Dodoma, citing Amref and TMA as examples. He said that the decision to move to Dodoma was made because the city serves as the nation’s capital and is home to the government’s headquarters. He also said that  relocating to Dodoma will facilitate easy access to services and help to advance the region’s economic growth.

Hon. Kassim Majaliwa put emphasis and urged the ministry responsible for NGO sector to do the following key responsibilities; ensure the NSNS(in Kiswahili Rasimu ya mpango mkakati wa uendelevu wa mashirika) is implemented; the NSNS is translated into Kiswahili; the NGO policy 2001 is reviewed and new guideline is developed; improve communication between LGAs and NGOs; the ministry and regional authority to follow up NGOs for accountability and contractual terms abidance; NGOs to perform their duties in abidance to the country laws and regulations; NGOs should work and implement projects in the rural contrary to current practices where majority of NGOs are working in urban areas; NGOs should be innovative to create sustainable projects to reduce donor dependency; the ministry and PO-RALG to track the donor funds granted to NGOs for proper usage; the ministry to form an M&E department responsible for  monitoring the NGO works.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) must also demonstrate patriotism and collaboration while working on the different projects they are carrying out for the benefit of the populace. That was remarked by Mwantumu Mahiza, the chairperson of the Coordination Board of Non-Governmental Organizations, as she welcomed attendees to the Conference of NGOs leading up to the Annual Forum. According to Mrs. Mwantumu, the Government’s objective is to coordinate Non-Governmental Organizations so that they can collaborate on giving assistance to those in need. The implementation of various projects development, she continued, is the most effective means of ensuring that organizations and the government combine their ability to serve the community. “I request that we set an example in cooperating with the government and be a whistle-blower to advise and support the government in things that are not going well okay so that we may bring growth to the nation.” She has also urged non-governmental organizations to make sure they conduct interventions and initiatives in accordance with the government’s aims to support the nation’s growth and prosperity.

Vickness Mayao, the Registrar of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), stated that the Ministry of Social Development, Gender, Women, and Special Groups has collaborated with the Council of Non-Governmental Organizations (NaCoNGO) in coordinating the Annual Forum of the Organizations to set strategies and effective plans to ensure Non-Governmental Organizations support the Government to serve the people through implementation of their projects. For his part, the National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations Government Secretary Revocatus Sonna stated that the Council had coordinated District and Regional Forums of Non-Governmental Organizations where various resolutions had been passed; these resolutions would then be presented at the Main Forum of the Year so that everyone would be guided in the execution of their responsibilities.

TMA participated in the exhibition alongside other CSOs at this meeting and was given a space on the grounds of the Jakaya Kikwete Conventional Centre to demonstrate their work and share experience with other stakeholders including development partners. Citizens, young people, government delegation, Minister for Social Development, Gender, Women, and Special Groups Honourable Dorothy Gwajima, and Guest of honour Honourable Kassim Majaliwa were all welcomed at the booth by the CEO Tanzania Mentors team. The Tanzania Mentors Action CEO among other things demonstrated SpeedyFinances system which piqued the interest of the PM and his delegate when he heard about how it’s been a saviour of the cooperatives in quicken financial work including records keeping and reports generation for the regulators. He made remarks regarding the presentation and praised TMA for its superb system strengthening work. Later in his speech, he made reference to TMA as one of the organisations he wanted to see expand and create more sustainable initiatives. Additionally, TMA provided booklets and flyers to citizens who stopped by its booth, informing them in detail about the organization development strategy and its mission to empower leaders, service providers and have e healthy community.


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