Tanzania Mentors Association

Tanzania Mentors Association is a group of people formed by members, staff, associates and stakeholders of Tanzania Mentors Action, TMA SACCOS, TMA Microfinance Limited and TMA Associates Limited. This Association started to operate from 11th December 2020.


Tanzania Mentors Association was officially on 14th March 2022 registered under the Societies Act (CAP.337 RE,2002) with Registration Number S.A 22768 under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

How to join

For any member to join the TMA Association, should pay an entrance fee of TZS 100,000/- and Annual Subscription fee of TZS 240,000.

Aims and Objective of the Association

This Association aims at providing professional mentoring amongst its members, update members on new knowledge generated during implementation of a specific project, advocating for members’ health including joining the health insurance scheme in case of unemployment, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, it aims at providing mentoring to other Associations in different matters such as governance so they can become more vibrant and participate in any other activity related to the improvement of the members’ welfare. The Association through its experienced members will advise young entrepreneurs of their immature business upon one’s consent and willingness. The Association as well aims at helping one another in times of either joy (marriage, having a newborn) or sorrows (death or any other disasters)

Association Governance

Currently, Tanzania Mentors Association has office Bearers only. There is neither Board of Directors nor Standing Committees. The Association conducted its first meeting on 10th December 2020 where there was an agreement to establish the same. Thereafter, the Association prepared Constitution and Regulations to guide the Association where a meeting was conducted to approve the same before submitted for registration by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Since then, the Association did not conduct any other meeting to discuss its matters for its development.

Members Benefits

To date two (2) members of the Association have been facilitated to join health insurance scheme.

One member of the Association has benefited from after being blessed with a baby boy.

One member of the Association benefited from the Association when her beloved one died. Furthermore, the Association lost one member during the year 2021 and the family benefited from the Association.

Three members of the Association were supported when admitted for more than seven days in the hospital.

Projects Implemented

  1. Bee Keeping

Tanzania Mentors Association in collaboration with Tanzania Mentors Action is currently implementing a Bee Keeping Project found in Singida. Tanzania Mentors Action has invested 1,000 acres of land while individual members have invested up to 1150 acres.  The Association is managing and coordinating the project and is looking forward for more strategies to raise the bee industry nationally as well as globally.

Tanzania Mentors Association is encouraging more members to join the Association for their benefits.