Dr. Paul Nandrie

CEO and Founder of Tanzania Mentors Action/ Guru Mentor

Email: nandriepaul@tma.or.tz  |  nandriepaul@yahoo.com

One of the founding members and CEO of Tanzania Mentors Action (TMA), which has developed into one of the top organization in the nation, is Dr. Paul Michael Nandrie. He has more than 20 years of professional experience working with both local and international organizations in the public and private sectors. He was employed by the three-year, USAID-funded WAJIBIKA Project as a Council Mentor for the Morogoro District Council prior to Establishing TMA. The WAJIBIKA project had a goal of strengthening governance and accountability in the Local Government Authorities to improve provision of public services. He has expertise in organizational capacity development, leadership and management, and public-private partnerships. As a specialist in organizational capacity development, he has helped the public and private sectors developed and disseminate policies and guidelines to improve service outcomes in the fields of health, education, and cooperative Societies.

Additionally, Dr. Paul Nandrie has worked on several consulting projects for international organizations implementing health-related projects and programs primarily supported by the World Bank, USAID, the United Kingdom, Germany, DANIDA, Canada, and JICA. These projects and programs have improved the provision of high-quality health and social welfare services. He currently manages  the USAID-funded Public Sector Systems Strengthening Plus Project. The PS3+ project works with the Government of Tanzania (GOT) to institutionalize public sector mechanisms that are responsive to citizens’ requirements for fundamental quality public services at the local level, especially for underprivileged communities. Increased citizen participation in the open administration of public services is encouraged by PS3+, which strengthens GOT management systems, particularly at the local level. He also oversees the Speedy Finances project, which aims at digitalizing  cooperative society activities in Tanzania.

Dr. Nandrie serves on the boards of the Tanzanian Public Private Health Forum, the Tanzania Marginalized Empowerment group, and the Siha One Tunapendana Iniative  (SOTI). He is also an active member of the Tanzania Mentors Association, the Public Health Association, and the Association of Health Services Administrators in Tanzania (AHSATA).

Dr. Paul Nandrie has mentored numerous individuals throughout his career and possesses exceptional leadership abilities, excellent listening skills. Most of the people he has mentored have established their own NGO’s, businesses and  been elected to various government positions.

He spends the most of his time working and closing deals, while the rest of his free time is spent with his family watching news and reading books. Nandrie enjoys discussing and reviewing books with younger readers to pass on the knowledge.

Dr. Paul Nandrie

Chief Executive Officer