Is the subsidiary company of TMA Associates Ltd registered with registration number 154632581. It was established to complement TMA SACCOS services in 2021, with its headquarters located in Itega, Kizota Block HH, Plot number 92, Dodoma.

How to apply loan from TMA MICROFINANCE Ltd.

The Microfinance offers the following products:

  1. Development loan up to TZS 300 million with repayment period of four (4) years
  2. Education loan up to TZS 20 million with repayment period of one (1) year
  3. Holiday loan up to TZS 5 million with repayment period of six (6) months.
  4. Emergency loan up to TZS 2,000,000 with repayment period of three (3).
Previous projects implemented successfully
S/NProject OverviewYear From
1WajibikaWajibika was a USAID-funded project provided training and mentoring that helped 38 of the country’s 161 councils implement community-driven health services planning and improve budgeting, procurement, and internal audit practices.2010-2012
02PS3The purpose of USAID’s five-year Public Sector Strengthening (PS3) in Tanzania activity is to strengthen existing Government of Tanzania (GOT) systems at national and local levels to Improve service delivery across sectors.2015-2020
03CHSSPThe Community Health and Social Welfare (CHSS) project is intended to improve health, wellbeing and protection outcomes for HIV affected and other vulnerable populations in Tanzania2014/2020
04Public Private PartnershipSupport establishment of Public Private Partnership Board2017-2018
05SP and CHOPsDevelopment of Hospital Strategic Plans (SP) and Comprehensive Hospital Operations plans (CHOPs) for 62 Christian Social Services Commission Hospitals in Tanzania2016
Major ongoing projects  
S/N Project Overview Year From Funders Name

PS3 Plus


Strengthen Public Sector Systems in the country at all levels in Tz mainland and Zanzibar


July 2020-July 2025


02 PS3

Strengthen Council Own Sources Revenues at Dar Se Salaam Metropolitan


January 2021-January 2022


World Bank



Strengthening Public Finance Management systems






Financial systems to Cooperative Societies


2019 – indefinitely