Who we are

Tanzania Mentors Action is a non-governmental organization that strives to uphold a society of excellence, using the mentoring approach to build the capacity of Government officers, partners, and governance structures so that they can better provide oversight.TMA interventions are streamlined in five major thematic areas health, education, environment, agriculture, and cooperatives. In addition, gender and youth are mainstreamed in all activities we perform. Currently, TMA is working across the country (26 regions) We work across all levels ( Community, Village, Ward, District, Region, and National) Components Covered include Governance and leadership, Human Resources, Finance, Information systems, and Program Management. Therefore, TMA envisages better understanding promotes innovation strives to bring Mentors and mentees together for better knowledge and experience sharing. Tanzania Mentors Action Is an NGO with registration number 00NGO/R2/000156 established on 21st May 2013.

Our vision

To have a society that is healthy and capable of contributing fully to the development of individuals, communities and the nation at large.

Our Mission

To empower leaders, service providers, and citizens across all levels of governance to deliver demand-driven quality services by promoting both downward and upward accountability through various methods including mentorship.

TMA core values

We are committed to providing services that are distinctive and of high quality.

We are innovative in our designs and operations, using technology and modern ways of doing business to further satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer.

We value responsible character with impeccable levels of integrity for all individual members, office bearers, and staff of TMA, in and outside TMA programming.

We are fully committed to all our pledges and engagements.

We accord due regard to the feelings, wishes, and rights of others.

We are transparent to our members, staff and stakeholders in all we do.

We are guided by the highest possible standards of internal and external accountability to all our stakeholders and we comply with all statutory requirements.

We believe that all human beings are equal in dignity and before the law.

We are sensitive to gender needs and understand that equality is not the same as equity.

We cherish and respect diversity in terms of culture, religion, political opinion, social origin and style of doing things provided the said diversity does not infringe on the law.