The Vice President of Tanzania Dr Phillip Mipango and the Regional commissioner Rosemary Senyamule arriving at the regional youth Forum booths where youths were showcasing entrepreneurship products.

Date: August 7-8, 2023

Location: Jakaya Kikwete Conference Center, Dodoma Province

In a resounding call to action, the Vice President of the Union Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. Philip Mpango, rallied the country’s youth to embrace ethical values as they strive for leadership, economic success, and the betterment of their nation. The echoes of his powerful message reverberated through the opening of the Dodoma Province Youth Forum on August 7, 2023, at the prestigious Jakaya Kikwete Conference Center.

Dr. Mpango emphasized the critical role of integrity, urging young individuals to uphold moral values aligned with the nation’s ethics. Lamenting the decline of integrity among youth, he passionately addressed pressing issues such as substance abuse, kidnapping, homosexuality, bribery, and fraud. It was a call to arms for Tanzanian youth to recognize that integrity is the cornerstone of trust, success in financial institutions, and effective leadership.

A Holistic Approach to Building Ethical Leadership:

The forum delved deep into the responsibilities of parents, guardians, religious leaders, traditions, and security agencies in fostering an ethical foundation for Tanzanian youth. The influence of media and social media platforms was also discussed in building and preserving the moral fabric of the nation’s future leaders.

Government’s Proactive Measures:

Dr. Mpango’s commitment to the youth was evident as he unveiled a series of directives aimed at economic empowerment. These directives encompassed the allocation of dedicated zones for youth asset production, creating tailored conferences to harness regional opportunities, and connecting youth to vital capital resources. His vision extended to inspiring youth to form environment clubs, fostering connections with productive sectors, and providing access to institutional services for addressing challenges.

He emphasized that President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan’s Sixth Phase government is resolutely dedicated to nurturing and empowering Tanzanian youth to be self-reliant contributors to national development.

Prime Minister’s Call for Youth Entrepreneurship:

Prime Minister Hon. Kassim Majaliwa echoed this commitment, urging leaders and experts to prioritize youth development. In his closing speech on August 8th, he passionately advocated for entrepreneurship as the key to unlocking opportunities. He called for the creation of specific plans in every province to encourage youth participation in economic activities, signalling Dodoma Province’s proactive step in this direction.

A Bright Path Ahead:

With over 3,000 vibrant young participants from diverse districts within the Dodoma region, the two-day conference envisioned a path to a brighter future. The forum concluded with an atmosphere of hope, innovation, and determination. It will stand as a cornerstone in the strategic plan for Dodoma region’s youth, with the plan set to be finalized in November 2023.

As the dust settles, the Dodoma Regional Youth Forum has ignited the flame of ethical leadership and economic empowerment. It stands as a testament to the power of unity and shared responsibility, where the youth and their leaders envision a Tanzania fuelled by integrity, trust, and unprecedented opportunities.